Monday, February 2, 2015

Week one in the MTC

28 Jan. 2015: Hermana Tolman
2 February 2015
Dear Family,

One of the things that struck me upon arriving at the MTC (and I should have expected this) was the illusion of how experienced everyone seems. When I arrived, two lady missionaries were showing me around, telling me everything I needed to know. By the end of the hour I assumed they were specifically called to be Training Leaders at the MTC. They've been here for months, I thought. "How long have you two been out?" "We got here last week. We'll be heading to Guatemala on Monday." It's impressive the amount of order they maintain here despite the high turnover of the residents. But I should have expected that of a bunch of mostly highly motivated longing-to-impress 18-20 year olds.

No one here remembers what the sky looks like. Emerging yesterday on a walk after just 5 days, I felt like a new woman. Never before had I so appreciated a smoggy, silver Utah sky. And those lovely mountains.

 Back to Wednesday: "That's your companion," someone said to me, pointing to a girl facing away from us in the computer lab. Later we went into a big meeting and had a chance to get to know each other. I was looking at the announcements change on the screen up front, kind of blank-faced. Things like "Friday night is pizza night!!!" and "Lights out at 10:30." It changed to "6:00 to 6:30 AM extra gym time open to all sisters". "Oh heyyyyyy!" I said, tapping her on the shoulder, pointing at the screen, "Would you be willing to do that every day? I think it could be okay, you know, since we're sitting in classes all day and yeah yeah yeah" Oh no, she's one of those companions who hates exercise and she is going to deplore me for asking this, I thought. She turned to me and said, "I run XC and track for UVU. Of course I will go." We hugged triumphantly.

 We live with a sister from Guatemala, a very very funny and sarcastic sister from Oklahoma, and a sister from Reno whose parents are from Guadalajara. I adore them all, and perhaps the only thing you need to know about us is that the Spanglish in our conversations at night is SPECTACULAR. It tickles me, it is so much more natural to switch languages mid-sentence since we all speak both, and I forget how funny it would sound to someone who didn't. Herm. Snyder is my comp, she is from Coalville, UT and going to Tempe, AZ speaking Spanish.

 Our main teachers all have adjectives for names. Hermana Adorable. Hermano Humble, friends with an Hermano Manso. These are their actual apellidos. I know what you are wondering, are they truly adorable, humble, and meek? I will let you imagine that for yourself; whatever situation you want me to be in, I am in it.

 Thursday morning at breakfast, GUESS who sat down with us? Richi Monahan himself!! It was a mutual WHAT-Heyyyyy!!! We had a great time catching up. He is going to be serving very near Resistencia--in Brazil :)

The MTC has a lot in common with BYU. Same vending machines, same clocks, same washing machines, same furniture. In practical terms it's all part of the same big old creature. Our schedules here are tight and packed to the seams. I would be willing to let on that I appreciate that, since it doesn't allow for many distractions, and it helps you forget you're moving around within such a small perfectly contained universe.

You meet a lot of people from all over the world who are learning English and going to stateside missions. A lot of very fun people who appreciate totally different aspects of their religion based on however they grew up, and who find a million strange and beautiful ways to express it. That last sentence was not meant to detract from the consistency of the doctrine or the unity of the just also happens to be true.

Time's up, bye, I love you all!!
28 Jan 2015: Sister Tyler greeted Allison and whisked her away from us!

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  1. It's so nice to have this blog, so people who are not family can have an inkling of what your life is like out there in the mission. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself and working hard. Glad you are meeting so many splendid people, and especially that you got to see Ritchie! :-)