Monday, June 22, 2015

Scatterbrained, but...

Me at the Costanera! I showed Hna Badu a few places in Centro today.

Hello all who may have been expecting something detailed and juicy.
I do not have much for you today, although the meat we ate in a blessed Sunday father's day asado was juicy and delicious.

We went to an asado at the Apontes'! A Sunday father's day asado at that.
Very fitting. Pablo did it all himself (on the left side sitting farthest back).
Very delicious. Meat meat meat. If it looks like my face is snarling a little bit,
it's probably just because I want to start eating already!

Hermana Badu is brilliant. We synchronized easily. We work well together and I think she is great. We're tired because we work well together and we worked hard all week. I'm tired. I love you all very much. I love God even more, because he is our Father and he really does want us all to progress and to be freed from the things that hold us back: grief, confusion, sin, weakness, pain, neurosis, distraction, anything. It is really so simple. God loves us.

Until next week,
Hermana Tolman

Hna Patricia Gonzales with her brilliant daughter, Amarilis, who is ten.
This is some of Pablo's asado...a Carnivore's masterpiece!

We have much talent in our ward! Meet Leo Camarotta.
He is 16, and it may not be happenstance that his full name is Leonardo...
He also has some of the most insightful comments in seminary.

Leo's Art

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