Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The pains of becoming optimistic

This transfer smells like.....Brazil.
Meet Hermana Badu, everyone. (pronounced ba-DOO!)

Hermana Badu and I

But, I am getting ahead of myself. I only met Hermana Badu yesterday. The rest of this past week was as precarious and sweet as ever. We went to Pirané to go on divisions with Hna Rodriguez and Alduenda, who have been perfecting their now-restaurant-quality tacos. I went out with Hna Alduenda, and we contacted quite adventurously, finding many good people for them to go back to.

Hna Beecher and I waiting for the bus to get back home from Pirane.

This week back in Italia Centro (which is the area Hermana Badu and I are going to be in, thus fulfilling the popular sarcastic prophecy that I am going to replace Hermana Beecher as the queen of Formosa) we had many experiences. This tends to happen when you wake up in the morning and go outside and start to have experiences. We had many discussions. We followed the Spirit. We are missionaries.

Antonela Escobar and her siblings (she is the oldest kid).
She is 11. She was baptized about a year ago
and we are working with her mom.

Hermana Beecher went away to Quitilipi to be with Hermana Quevedo. Here is a photo of her in a posture of prayer yesterday morning after packing all night.

  Hermana Quevedo is the Guatemalan sister whose face appears in one of the photos I sent of Corrientes back when.

Hermana Quevedo in Corrientes

Quitilipi is in Chaco, and instead of having a ward or a branch, it has what is called a group, or enough people to get together and take the sacrament every Sunday, but not enough people to establish auxiliary organizations. I am excited to hear about how she does there. Hermana Beecher taught me excellence. Over the past 4 months she taught me that even in my weaknesses I can build up strength, and that I have to be willing to dive in and work hard.

Our happiness and success here is not determined by reaching a quota or filling a mold. It is determined by how much we can trust in God and let our perils be "swallowed up in the joy of Christ" (Study Alma 31:32-38). D&C 64:34 says that the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind.
Being my dear trainer, Hermana Beecher helped me as I learned how to let go of my old expectations and form new ones, which is to say, to receive the promise in the rest of D&C 64:34, which tells us we will eat the good of the land of Zion.

Confused at what "Zion" refers to? So was I. Look it up in church resources. If you want to know what it means in a church context, of course.

Love you all, bye!

Hermana Armoa, who is just the best.

Walking to Church

SLEEPING DOGS: a good representation of how we feel
before we let our perils be swallowed up in the joy of Christ

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